PortCQ: an insider's guide

Imagine having a team of quoting experts available to you all day, every day, providing quotations for all your customers’ needs. What if they could provide you with a precise estimate, and move your customers from RFQ to checkout in a matter of minutes?

Combining years of industry experience with all the functionalities of the best RFQ software on the market, CalcuQuote has developed PortCQ, the ultimate solution for component manufacturing service providers. PortCQ is the only portal for full self-service RFQ processing accounting for labor, NRE, and actual material costs. Now, your customers can get pricing and place orders faster than ever before. What used to take days, now only takes a matter of minutes. We know your time and your customers’ time is valuable, and we’re here to help you make the most of it

Why PortCQ:

Generate leads and boost your sales

PortCQ is a source for lead generation that your sales team will surely appreciate. By enabling simplified quote generation, you will have a front-desk presence that will save your customers’ time, and also help you attract new ones in need of your services.

Improve your customer experience

Today’s emphasis on speed can be an excellent opportunity for responsive companies. ODMs ( Original Design Manufacturers) need to know how much their products will cost and if the inventory is available as soon as possible.
Ensuring they have a quote in hand with minimal effort from the CM ( Contract Manufacturers) is crucial in this scenario. By facilitating quick access to quotations for your services, you will help your customers make informed decisions faster. At the same time, you will be maintaining visibility and control of your processes and partnerships.

Assist your customers 24/7

With PCB, components, and assembly costs pulled in real-time through APIs, your customers will be able to complete quotes in a matter of minutes without having to wait for business hours! It will all be available on a page of your website, open 24 hours a day, seven days per week for customers all over the world.

Reduce your labor costs

Quoting is a time-consuming activity, and PortCQ provides the opportunity to use the resources required to go from RFQ to checkout in a different way! By saving time and money for the labor necessary for the RFQ process, your team will have more time to focus on more critical tasks.

Differentiate yourself from your competitors

The digitalization phenomenon is impacting every industry. Embracing this change promptly can be decisive, becoming a critical competitive advantage on many occasions. The increased speed and accuracy your processes can reach with automation’s support will help you differentiate and stand out from the competition.

Access the right marketplace(s)

Platforms and online marketplaces will be here for the foreseeable future, and capturing the opportunity to be a part of their expansion in your industry is vital. PortCQ facilitates interactions between ODMs ( Original Design Manufacturers) and CM ( Components Manufacturers). The marketplace effect creates standardization while stimulating efficiency and transparency across the industry.

Accelerate brand building

PortCQ flawlessly combines brand awareness and lead generation initiatives into a portal. It facilitates Brand building and generates leads simultaneously by creating a branded experience directly on your website, with lead generation and conversions as a valuable extra.Furthermore, the intrinsic value of having a self-service quotation portal on your website is that it will show transparency and efficiency, translating into satisfied and loyal customers.

PortCQ is CalcuQuote’s solution for bringing buyers and sellers together, creating the marketplace your company needs to make both your time, as well as the supply chain more efficient.

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