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Why CQ?

Trusted by 250+ electronics manufacturers globally

Industry Expertise
CalcuQuote works with over 250 electronics manufacturers to solve complex problems with industry leading solutions.
customer service
Service First
Everyone at CalcuQuote is responsible for customer service, and it shows! Our thousands of users get the most responsive customer experience. 
real time icon
Future Focused
We are not content with incremental solutions. Our vision extends further to see solutions for problems yet to be defined.
Process Oriented
CalcuQuote solutions begin by understanding the user's process. Technology just gets you wherever you were heading faster. So we start by making sure that is where you want to go.
Proven Success
Over the past eight years, CalcuQuote has grown to a globally recognized solution for electronics supply chain processes. Our quoting and purchasing softwares are used by 250+ companies across 30+ countries.
This is only the start...
CalcuQuote is part of the Elisa group of companies, investing in the next generation of Industry 4.0 solutions to manufacturers across the globe.

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Electronics Supply Chain Solutions

chintan sutaria

The whole industry is expected to be faster, more resilient, and more efficient. The only way to meet all of those criteria is to reduce the friction of doing business through innovation.

Chintan Sutaria
President and CEO, CalcuQuote
Steve Vecchiarelli

The Digital Transformation of the Supply Chain is here and it begins with Calcuquote!

Steve Vecchiarelli
CalcuQuote Advisor
Jani Leppälammi

CalcuQuote’s products work worldwide, and they are a global solution to the common problems of the industry. We are improving the manufacturer’s efficiency, accuracy, and speed.

Jani Leppälammi
Vice President of Sales, CalcuQuote
David Sharp

CalcuQuote continues to move electronics manufacturing forward and has expanded our focus to reinvent the electronics supply chain. We are excited about our role in bringing everyone together more efficiently.

David Sharp
Vice President of Products, CalcuQuote
Kaitlyn Dotson

The core differentiator of CalcuQuote continues to be the next level of customer support and forward-thinking. Customer success is a key strategic statement at CalcuQuote and it's critical that every team member continues to encompass this and excel for our customers and partners.

Kaitlyn Dotson
Vice President, CalcuQuote

CalcuQuote Solves Problems Across the Entire Supply Chain

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)

With our software solutions, EMS companies become more efficient in improving their RFQ generation process, which benefits OEM companies. Having fast responses from manufacturers allows equipment manufacturers to plan and forecast with more accuracy.

Software Developers

You want your users to have a seamlessly integrated experience between their existing systems, CalcuQuote ecosystem and supplier data sources. CalcuQuote can save you thousands of development hours so you can bring your solution live faster with less maintenance.

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