Who We Are

Reinventing Supply Chain

Our Purpose

Creating a more connected electronics supply chain by applying process and technology expertise to sustainably solve complex problems.

Our Core Values

We respect each other and value each other's work.
We work for the common good.
We inspire one another, put ourselves on the line and keep a twinkle in our eyes.
We commit ourselves to common, ambitious goals.
Where there's a will, there's a way - we act decisively and courageously.
We choose our focus.
We are enthusiastic about learning and continuous improvement.
We learn from our mistakes - and our success.
We search for new ways of working and challenge our assumptions.
We are honest and open.
We keep our promises and are disciplined.
We develop our business over the long term for the benefit of our shareholders, customers, personnel, the environment, and society.
We stay one step ahead and surprise our customers.
We focus on the things that bring value for customers.
We make high quality and simple things for our customers.

Our Story


Our Promise

Building beyond EMS and Quoting

We look up/down the RFQ process, and up/down the EMS supply chain to identify additional product and market opportunities, by rapidly exploring new ideas with minimal investment.

Creating win-win marketplaces

We create marketplaces that offer exceptional value by building products that work well together.

Scaling global revenues

We take the highest market share globally by selling products in electronics supply chains using a combination of marketing, partner referrals and direct sales.

Applying best practices through technology

We apply technology and process expertise to solve the root of our customers’ problems. 

Being Effective

No one wants to feel like they can't rely on their teammates. No one wants to be on a losing team. At CalcuQuote, we like to succeed and we like to measure our success. Scoreboard!

striving for excellence

Through comprehensive software, thought leadership, ad hoc services for individual business needs and excellent customer service.

Meet the CalcuQuote Team

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