Component Shortages Create Chaos: 6 Ways CalcuQuote Saves the Day

In the Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) industry , component shortages are a fact of life. The supply chain has been put through a number of trials and tribulations throughout  2020 and 2021, including stock allocation problems that seem to have a never ending shelf life.

Keep reading for the six ways CalcuQuote can help you weather the storm amidst the current component shortage:

1) Real-Time Data

With the CalcuQuote software suite, you are provided with real-time, account-level data through the use of application program interfaces, or APIs. APIs provide the ability to access stock availability, lead times, costs and more, all using your contract information. Accessing real-time data allows you to gain knowledge about the details that matter in a precise moment. You’ll never quote for a part and discover it was sold out from under you again.

2) Alternative Part Suggestions

CalcuQuote makes intelligent suggestions on alternate parts, allowing users to search-by-description for rapid decision making. This information comes from your usage history, online database, or common suppliers based on Form, Fit, and Function. Search for alternates by description, or search a broader segment of the component marketplace.

3) Identify and Flag Materials at Risk

Quickly identify and flag any materials at risk through real-time stock levels, which means you have visibility for any looming stock shortages. Find the parts you need, share “at risk” news with your customers, and make rapid decisions to purchase on low-stock items. Staying ahead of the curve is crucial to avoid the fallout of component shortages.

4) Streamlined Purchasing Process

Place orders in real-time to allow for instance order confirmation in order to secure your inventory.

5) Automated RFQ and Purchasing Management

Use automation at quoting and purchasing levels for your standard components to spend your time strategically sourcing hard-to-find parts. Your time is better spent using your industry knowledge for expensive, hard-to-find and other challenging  components or customer needs!

6) Connects You to Supplier Representatives

Stay seamlessly connected to your supplier representatives. No more back and forth through email. Securely share requests and files with your suppliers allowing them to manage all your quotes in one place!

Component shortages feel like drowning, but CalcuQuote offers customers a lifeboat, and a safe voyage back to calm waters. Visit to learn more about our product ecosystem, or click here to schedule a discovery call. CalcuQuote: reinventing the supply chain for EMS and beyond.  

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