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A trusted online community to exchange parts

StockCQ Benefits

An online component marketplace built exclusively for OEM and EMS companies to trade components.

StockCQ participation is limited to OEM and EMS companies so you can trust that the people selling the parts were also intending to use the parts themselves.


StockCQ transactions happen directly between the seller and buyer of the components so you're not paying huge markups for middlemen to facilitate the transaction.


StockCQ was created based on the feedback of OEM and EMS companies who wanted to be treated fairly. The whole model centers around creating a win-win scenario for everyone.


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how it can help you avoid shortages and free up your working capital.

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It's great to be working with OEM and EMS companies from across the globe who are interested in working together to solve the biggest challenges of the industry! Allocations have negatively impacted many businesses and StockCQ is one way that CalcuQuote is working to alleviate the disruption that electronics manufacturers are facing.
Chintan Sutaria, CalcuQuote CEO
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