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Create a Digital Thread Between You and Your Customer
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The ultimate portal to collaborate with your customers

PortCQ Benefits

Built and powered by CalcuQuote to turn your website into a collaborative portal to engage with your customers
customer service
Better Customer Experience

Provides an enhanced customer experience by offering digital solutions to your customers' supply chain problems.

lead generation
Collaboration is Key

Create a digital thread between you and your customers giving you the advantage over your competition.

Strengthened Communication

Use digitalization to improve response times and accuracy in the data you provide to your customer's questions.

Digital Solutions
Reporting on component stock and lead time
Go from RFQ in-take to Order Placed
Allow your customers to view order status and place repeat orders
Display your branding and messaging throughout
Set the thresholds for when to relay potential components risks
Ensure accuracy by using your costing model
Designed to digitally engage with your customers
Provide real-time supply chain solutions
PortCQ seamlessly connects your customers to the integrated supply chain. Become their source of truth and help them make informed decisions faster while maintaining visibility and control of your processes and partnerships.
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