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PortCQ Benefits

Built and powered by CalcuQuote, to turn the RFQ process from an expense to a lead-generation activity.
customer service
Better Customer Service

Provide enhanced customer service with fast, on-demand and self-service quote estimations, allowing customers to go from start to “ordered” in minutes.

lead generation
Lead Generation

Adds a lead generation tool for your sales team, so your quoting team can focus on complex activities, allowing you to reach the next level.

Strategic Customer Acquisition

Avoid bottlenecks and enable customers and leads to generate their own quotes, saving time and leading to customers best-suited for your services.

Differentiate from your competitors.
Your customers can go from RFQ creation to checkout in minutes.
Provide better, faster customer service with real-time estimations.
Configure your portal to align with brand standards.
Enable functionality that best fits your business.
Create a marketplace where your customers can interact with you.
PCB, components and assembly costs pulled in real-time through APIs, to complete quotes in a matter of minutes.
Help your customers 24/7.
PortCQ seamlessly connects your customers to the integrated supply chain. Become their source of truth and help them make informed decisions faster while maintaining visibility and control of your processes and partnerships.
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