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6 Tactics to Help Your EMS Company Stand Out

Discover how to make your EMS company stand out by focusing on niche specializations, promoting supply chain excellence, personalizing customer experiences, developing thought leadership, embracing digitalization, and utilizing smart digital marketing strategies.

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CalcuQuote enhances StockCQ to empower electronics excess market with expanded access and partner-enhanced efficiency

CalcuQuote has updated StockCQ, its marketplace for trading excess electronics inventory, to include distributors, brokers, and resellers. Users can now collaborate with Astute Group for transaction facilitation. These changes aim to reduce inventory waste, enhance supply chain resilience, and improve connectivity within the electronics industry.

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Navigating Component Risks in Manufacturing

This article delves into the multifaceted world of component risks, highlighting the significance of supply chain resilience and introducing BOM Health as an indispensable tool for navigating these waters.

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How to utilize Real-Time Data for Smart Sourcing in Electronics Manufacturing

Explore Why and How to Integrate Real-Time Data in EMS and OEM Sourcing Strategies

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CalcuQuote Advances Supply Chain Solutions with Enhanced Modularity at IPC APEX EXPO 2024

CalcuQuote introduces enhanced modularity and integration capabilities with deeper data insights for optimal supply chain efficiency for EMS and OEM customers.

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Accelerate Session Recap: Five Key Discoveries in AI and ML's Impact on Electronics Manufacturing

Discover Accelerate Session Recap: Five Key Discoveries in AI and ML's Impact on Electronics Manufacturing

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250+ EMS companies trust CalcuQuote to solve their supply chain problems. Whether you are struggling with quoting large BOMs, accurately estimating labor and overhead, finding parts, executing purchase orders or tracking performance of your supply chain processes, CalcuQuote can help.

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