How is CalcuQuote’s customer support so good?

One of our greatest strengths as a company is our ability to delight customers. On a daily basis, customers go out of their way to pay us a compliment on how pleasantly surprised they are by our customer service. Here’s a peek at the strategy which has enabled our customer support success.

Set the bar high

“Our support should be so good that a customer should feel like they got their question answered and an ice cream cone.” – Chintan Sutaria 

In 2015, when we were onboarding our first batch of customers, there was an internal discussion about how hands-on we should be with our customers. Should we follow the model of most enterprise software by handing over the keys and letting our customers figure things out as they go? We decided to run as far away from that position as possible. Instead, we set the standard that a customer should never feel stranded with no one available to help. Our most successful customers come to us with a broad set of questions, and we solve challenges that the industry faces as partners.

Everyone knows about EMS

Working at CalcuQuote isn’t like a typical software company. Because we understand that there are unique nuances to quoting in the EMS space, we spend a large amount of time learning about the EMS industry. In fact, it is more important for us that we understand how to complete a quote and how a good RFQ process works than understanding the nuts and bolts of CalcuQuote software. Because of this, our team is better tuned with what you’re trying to do and can offer more insightful solutions.

Everyone is “Customer Support”

We are a small team, so naturally, everyone wears multiple hats. But no matter what role you have in CalcuQuote, everyone’s first title is Customer Support. We each take shifts to answer questions from customers, and behind the scenes, there are multiple people ready and willing to jump in and help out as needed to frame the perfect response to the customer.

Every interaction is “feedback”

“What does this Update Pricing button do?” “How do I upload a BOM?” “What does this error message mean?”

Every interaction you have with us through any of the support channels is evaluated, clarified, tagged, and cataloged as customer feedback. This feedback is put into our Product Backlog and prioritized depending on the frequency of the question, the effort to create a solution, and the value of the solution. Because we deploy updates on a monthly basis, there’s a good chance your suggestion becomes reality within just a few weeks.

Tell us how to improve

We want to hear from you! What else can we be doing to make sure we remain the best customer support you’ve ever seen from a software provider?

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