CalcuQuote Experts Explain How CQ is Reinventing the Supply Chain

Our own Kaitlyn Dotson (COO) and David Sharp (VP Product) talk about CalcuQuote's innovative take on reinventing the supply chain.


How did CalcuQuote get its start?

Kaitlyn: CalcuQuote was founded in 2014 to create a more connected electronic supply chain by applying processes and technology expertise. Building a more sustainable future through digitalization is at the core of what we do. Our solutions are specifically designed for the electronic supply chain industry and are used by 200+ companies across 25 countries. 

David: To add on that, since our founding we've added on products in related areas, such as purchasing. With ShopCQ, it’s possible to place orders in real-time, with instant order confirmation in order to secure inventory. This reduces cycle time, increases efficiency and creates seamless sharing of relevant data, ultimately allowing purchasing departments to focus on what really  matters.

Kaitlyn: Our pioneering RFQ management software, QuoteCQ,  simplifies and accelerates the quoting process, allowing our customers to be more responsive. Essentially, it enables them to find components faster than ever, which means they are then able to get back to their customers in half the time.

David: Also, as a company focused on reinventing the electronic supply chain, we collaborate with industry leading companies to solve the most complex problems. Our solutions can assist in all phases from design validation to delivery.

What is the biggest pain point the EMS industry is facing?

Kaitlyn: Everyone thinks that the biggest problem that the EMS industry is facing is  lack of parts. But there are still lots of companies who are thriving in these tough times. It’s  because they have adapted to the challenges of the modern supply chain by adopting technology. The whole industry is expected to be faster, more resilient, and more efficient. CalcuQuote’s solutions allow our customers to achieve precisely that. Our software suite optimizes the supply chain processes thus enabling them to be faster, more accurate and ultimately, more competitive. 

Would you agree that supply chain volatility is a major challenge in modern supply chain management?

Kaitlyn: Absolutely, and we've all seen the volatility that's happening now in the market, and it is extreme. Visibility into what is happening within the electronic supply chain is more important than ever. Not being able to have that visibility is a big problem for this industry and CalcuQuote offers visibility from a software perspective and allows EMS companies to keep running their business.

David: For sure, it is a challenge for companies to find the parts they need, when they need them, even ignoring the huge price increases. It is critical to have up-to-date information from the market because it changes so fast. What was true 10 minutes ago may not be true now. 

How exactly does CalcuQuote help companies deal with volatility and tackle the sudden surges and drops in demand?

Kaitlyn: Our customers no longer have to spend hours upon hours analyzing data that will change in a matter of minutes. Being able to have CalcuQuote show them what's happening, in  a way that is understandable, is a real game changer. Now their time is not spent on scrubbing data and going through it manually. With CalcuQuote, they can gather the data and automatically place purchase orders to create a more streamlined process for their supply chain. When you are able to secure the inventory faster, you can be more responsive to users, which can strengthen your reputation as a reliable partner. It also allows you to identify risks and issues early, which ultimately allows you to win more business.

David : Our customers recognize that having visibility, through direct integrations will help them make sure that the chain keeps moving and they're able to ship the products quickly. 

Kaitlyn: Bottom line is, our solutions take away the manual tedious work that really software is built for. We consider it an 80/20 rule. Let software take 80% of that away and have your team focus on what is really important to your business. We're talking about taking software and having it put people in a better position to be strategic.

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