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CalcuQuote's solutions are built for the EMS industry to optimize RFQ processes
and supply chain management.

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QuoteCQ Logo - RFQ Management software for ems

RFQ Management Software

Our end-to-end request for quote management system improves the speed, accuracy and efficiency of your Request For Quote (RFQ) process. QuoteCQ lets you quote faster and more accurately so you can be more responsive to customers.

Real-Time Pricing

API integrations allow quoting with real-time contract and registered pricing.

End-to-end Quote Management

End-to-end, comprehensive management, including price gathering, formatting quotes and follow-up reminders.

Built-in Integrations

Custom integrations designed to work seamlessly with other systems, such as ERP, MES and CRM.

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Logo Port CQ - RFQ self service portal

Self-Service RFQ Portal

Create a marketplace between you and your customers, optimizing interactions with all of them.

PortCQ is the only portal for full self-service RFQ processing accounting for labor, NRE, and actual material costs. All available through your own website, aligned with your own branding.

Be scalable and available 24/7 to assist companies, respond faster and more accurately while turning theRFQ process from an expense to a sales-generating activity. PortCQ eliminates bottlenecks, reduces response time, and allows customers to go from start to “ordered” in minutes without assistance.

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ShopCQ Logo - purchasing management software for EMS

Purchasing Management Software

ShopCQ is the only global purchasing management system designed for the ever-changing needs of the EMS industry. From demand to delivery, ShopCQ reduces cycle time, increases efficiency, and creates the seamless sharing of relevant data, allowing purchasing departments to focus on what matters.

Real-Time Pricing & Availability

Supplier API Integrations allow for purchasing with real-time pricing and availability information.

Reduced Procurement Costs

By decreasing time spent on researching, awarding and issuing a PO, ShopCQ reduces the overall cost of procurement.

Strategic Decision Making

Custom integrations to communicate and interact with your other systems, such as ERP, MES and CRM.

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