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Who has access to StockCQ?

A wide range of users: OEM and EMS companies, distributors, brokers, and resellers have access to StockCQ.

Users also have the option to work with a third-party partner, Astute Group, a globally recognized component distributor, to facilitate transactions including inspections, transferring funds, and delivery.

Who decides who can participate in StockCQ?

Currently, participation is on an invite only basis. Invitations are sent out by the CalcuQuote team based on our network, referrals from existing community members and the IPC. Eventually, the hope is to decentralize control to the community so community members can self regulate who is admitted in based on a variety of factors including use case, reputation and reported abuse.

How does this StockCQ marketplace work?

Firstly, StockCQ is a brand new concept and therefore we are continuously enhancing the functionality based on direct user input. If you have any feedback, feel free to send it in to

Today, StockCQ is a simple database and search engine. Your excess inventory data is loaded into a central database. And then we give you the ability to search the stock of every community member. Here's how the search process works:

  1. Use the search box to look for your part
  2. When you find a matching result that you'd like to purchase, click the "BUY" button
  3. Upon clicking the BUY button, an email is sent to the CQ team to help filter spam and abuse.
  4. Assuming everything is okay, we directly connect the buyer and seller so they can coordinate the terms of the transaction.

Stay tuned as we'll continue to add functionality to further automate this and create additional layers to build trust within the community.

How do I refer someone to join StockCQ?

Referrals are very welcome! Like with all marketplaces, the success of StockCQ is based on active participation by a growing community. To refer someone to be included in the StockCQ community, please send an email to

How do you prevent abuse?

Abuse in an online marketplace can come in many forms. Like any community (physical or online), the first and simplest way is to regulate who is allowed into the community.

Currently, the CQ team is taking on the responsibility of being the 'referee' in this marketplace. Additionally, a third-party partner, Astute Group, a globally recognized component distributor, will facilitate transactions, including inspections, transferring funds, and delivery.

How are you preventing counterfeiting?

Counterfeit parts are a serious issue in the electronics supply chain and can have significant consequences if not checked. In the case of StockCQ, the expectation is that the buyer should do the same level of due diligence as they would when buying other aftermarket parts. This can include things like asking for date code data, sending parts to a lab for testing, adding conditions to purchase and vetting the reputation of the seller.

On the plus side, due to the types of community members who would be in StockCQ, there's a certain degree of assurance that they intended to use the parts that they are selling and that they have a reputation to maintain.

Additionally, a third-party partner, Astute Group will facilitate transactions including inspections, transferring funds, and delivery.

What are the terms of trade on StockCQ?

The terms will be negotiated directly between the seller and the buyer after a trade-match has been made.

What happens after I buy components?

First of all you have to provide the seller with a shipping address, then agree on the terms.After you have bought stock from another member on StockCQ you will find your active and completed orders on “Bid History” from the dropdown menu top right on the main page. Your bids and purchase orders will appear as "Sent".

What happens after I sell components?

After you have matched with a buyer and sold your excess, your history of trades will be saved on “Bid History” from the dropdown menu top right on the main page. Your sales orders will appear as "Received".

How can I access StockCQ to buy parts?

Access is currently on an invite only basis. Invitations are prioritized for companies who list inventory in StockCQ and make referrals of other OEM and EMS companies who should participate.

What’s the fee model?

Simply put, today the only money changing hands is between the buyer and the seller when they agree to trade parts. During this phase of introducing StockCQ, CalcuQuote is not charging any fees to either the buyer or seller.

Here are some considerations we've had about the fee model, but we are still open to feedback and new ideas to come up with what is most fair for everyone.

  • A selling price should be provided by the seller as part of listing their inventory so that it reduces the risk of price gouging
  • A buyer should have an economic incentive to only be contacting the seller when they are serious about purchasing parts (to avoid wasting the sellers' time with unnecessary questions)
  • CalcuQuote will not be in charge of setting any pricing for the transaction of parts. The price will be purely determined by a peer to peer, decentralized model. This avoids the possibility of a single company taking advantage of the situation where a match is created.
  • StockCQ should be open to anyone who wants to participate and not just restricted to subscribers of CalcuQuote's other products.

Here is an example of a fee model that could achieve this. (Note: this is not yet in place)

  1. Seller has a component that they want to sell for $60
  2. Buyer sees that the component is available but cannot see who is selling it or the price of the component.
  3. Buyer pays $1 for the opportunity to "bid" on the component at the price of $50.
  4. The system determines that there is no match. The $1 bid fee goes to CalcuQuote.
  5. Buyer pays $1 again for the opportunity to bid on the component at the price of $70.
  6. The system determines that there is a match! The Buyer has paid a total of $72 ($70 for the part, $2 for the bid).
  7. The seller receives $60 for the part.
  8. The seller and CalcuQuote split the extra $10 gains so that the Seller makes a total of $65 and CalcuQuote makes a total of $7 ($2 for the bids, $5 for the gains).
How do I list my inventory in StockCQ?

Please compile a list of excess materials into a CSV or XLSX file format. You can upload it HERE by filling out the form. Or email to arrange alternative means. The more information you can include, the better the probability of a buyer actually choosing to buy your parts.

When it is time to renew your inventory just repeat the process and send in a new list through the same link as mentioned above, we will remove your old list and replace it with the new one. If you just want to add a new list in addition to the old or you have other requests for your listings just contact us at

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