Case Study: East/West Manufacturing Enterprises (East/West)

East/West Manufacturing Enterprises (East/West) provides world-class Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) including high quality PCB assemblies, custom cables, and electrical/mechanical assemblies for many global industries. The company works with its OEM (original equipment manufacturers) customers from quick turn, low-volume prototypes to high-volume production.

East/West sought to position its business for rapid expansion through continued use of technology.  Defining a change for success that would set itself apart from the competition, East/West looked to digital transformation to place itself at the forefront of innovation.

Seeking to expand sales, stay ahead of supply chain volatility, and expedite its Request for Quote (RFQ) process, East/West selected CalcuQuote to help streamline its quoting process.

CalcuQuote is a software provider of supply chain solutions for the electronics industry.  CalcuQuote’s flagship product, QuoteCQ is used by East/West to improve the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of their quoting process.

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