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Ways to Thrive: A Workshop on Strategies Amidst Supply Chain Shortages

Following his initial presentation, Mark Wolfe of IPC facilitated a workshop for Accelerate attendees using his model, Thriving in Practice. Based on the principles of setting high expectations, investing in building relationships, developing design-level sourcing strategies, sharing real demand with long-term commitments, creating and maintaining a level playing field, rewarding best performers, and staying stationary to save, this workshop challenged attendees to think through practical methods to thrive amidst supply chain shortages.

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What I Learned at the 6th (and My First) Women in Electronics Annual Conference

CalcuQuote COO, Kaitlyn Dotson, shares her thoughts and key takeaways after attending her first Women in Electronics Conference in San Diego, CA.

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Five Things I Learned from Accelerate 2022

CalcuQuote hosted its first-ever in person conference, aptly named Accelerate, bringing together industry leaders across a variety of backgrounds. Participants included both EMS professionals, distributors, and manufacturers, and brought together the best of both worlds for two days of cross departmental innovation and collaboration to discuss some of the most prolific questions facing the industry today. 

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Collaboration is Key: Creating a Digital Thread with Your Customers

Digitalization has shifted the collaboration between EMS businesses and distribution partners, allowing for continuous knowledge gain about part details and for businesses to focus on making the right sourcing decisions. As the next step in digital collaboration, we set out to tackle this need between Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and EMS companies to streamline communication in order to solve supply chain problems together and manage potential sourcing risks due to market volatility. Enter PortCQ.

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CalcuQuote Experts Explain How CQ is Reinventing the Supply Chain

Our own Kaitlyn Dotson (COO) and David Sharp (VP Product) take on the EMS storm and explain how CalcuQuote is reinventing the supply chain.

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CalcuQuote Announces API Integration with Schukat

CalcuQuote is reinventing the electronics manufacturing supply chain by diversifying supplier integrations via Component Search API. Blending the speed of API search with real-time pricing and stock information from Schukat, CalcuQuote customers can expect all the information they need at their fingertips to secure the best price possible.

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200+ EMS companies trust CalcuQuote to solve their supply chain problems. Whether you are struggling with quoting large BOMs, accurately estimating labor and overhead, finding parts, executing purchase orders or tracking performance of your supply chain processes, CalcuQuote can help.

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